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About Trailhead Biosystems

The pioneer of HD-DoE™ (High-Dimensional Design of Experiments) Technology

The iPSC technology by Dr. Yamanaka and colleagues opened many entryways into studying human disease in entirely novel ways. At Trailhead Biosystems, we are driven by the fundamental belief that there is only one human biology – an evolutionarily formed system consisting of a vast, yet stable set of unique cell states. These precise cell states are essential for the proper functioning of every organ in the human body, emerging through tightly controlled processes during early embryonic development. 

However, due to the immense complexity of cell signaling networks, it has historically proven incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to control the formation and behavior of human cells outside the body. Unlocking the ability to guide cells into desired states would open up transformative possibilities across biomedicine. 

This motivated our team of scientists and engineers to pioneer a revolutionary discovery approach that greatly amplifies our ability to experimentally test and understand these intricate biological systems.  

Our proprietary High-Dimensional Design of Experiment (HD-DoE) technology platform is the key to unlocking this potential. By leveraging advanced computational models and precision control systems, we can meticulously orchestrate the intricate signaling pathways and environmental cues that govern natural developmental biology. This allows us to direct the differentiation of iPSCs with unprecedented precision and efficiency. 

We can transform any hiPSC line into virtually any desired cell type imaginable. We may not have made a protocol for all the human cells yet – but Trailhead is the company that can do it.  

Meet Trailhead Biosystems Leaders

At the forefront of Trailhead’s groundbreaking work is a team of visionary leaders and renowned experts, united by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine. Their exceptional leadership, deep scientific expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in propelling Trailhead to the cutting edge of stem cell engineering. 

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer, Founder

Jan Jensen

Jan is an internationally renowned molecular developmental biologist and bioinformatician. He held the Eddie J. Brandon endowed professorship at Cleveland Clinic in Diabetes research. Jan is the founder of Trailhead Biosystems, and has led numerous technology advances related to control of many types of stem cells. He is cited among the top 1% globally for his scientific contributions.

In addition to his work on our HD-DOE platform and our analytical technologies applied to mapping cellular fate spaces, Jan’s discoveries include the identification of the fourth major autoantigen in diabetes, ZnT8; and the discovery of the mechanism of how insulin producing cells develop in the organism. His broad interest in the fundamental principles in cellular differentiation has provided him a basis for his integrative approaches to complex living systems.

Jan covers multiple biological specialties through this work, such as precision medicine in cancer combinatorial drug development, anti-viral combinatorial drug development, stem cell differentiation of human cells, and methods development for regenerative medicine and cell-based therapy. Jan has leadership experience within multinational research collaboratives, and more than 25 years of experience in research coordination.

In his approach to his work, Jan constantly challenges the limitations of the scientific process as it is currently applied believing that system-level interrogations emerge as vastly superior to human-centered hypothesis-driven exploration.

Chief Operating Officer

Div Trivedi

Div oversees all operations and finances for Trailhead Biosystems. He also works on development and execution of long-term as well as short-term strategies for the growth and sustainability of Trailhead.

Div graduated as an Electrical Engineer and gained experience in engineering and manufacturing prior to joining Case Western Reserve University for an M.Sc. in Operations Research. He has also earned Six Sigma Certification and broad knowledge of Process Improvement across various industries.

Div also oversees development and continual optimization of Trailhead’s core analytic engine.

Scientific Advisory Board

José Oberholzer

José Oberholzer is the Director of the Charles O. Strickler Transplant Center at the University of Virginia. He is also the Founder and President of CellTrans, a faculty start-up company launched out of Dr. José’s scientific research group at the University of Illinois.

José has led the Islet Transplant Program at the University of Illinois since August of 2003 and his team has completed over 600 islet isolations as well as successful Phase I, II, and III clinical trials for islet transplantation. CellTrans aims to bring cell-based therapies including isolated islets, encapsulated islets, and human derived stem-cells to clinical application to combat the global epidemic of diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

José has performed over 1,000 transplant-related surgeries and is an expert in liver, kidney, pancreas and small bowel transplants, as well as organ transplants in patients with diabetes. In addition to his clinical practice, José specializes in islet transplantation and parathyroid transplantation, as well as vascular access for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis catheter placements. Additionally, he practices minimal invasive, robotic assisted surgery, including robotic kidney and pancreas transplantation, living donor nephrectomy, adrenalectomy, liver and pancreas surgery and hernia surgery

Jose holds a Masters in Science degree in Health Care Management from Harvard University and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Zurich Medical School.

Junhyong Kim

Junhyong is the Patricia M. Williams Term Endowed Professor of Biology and the Chair of the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. Junhyong is a Quantitative Biologist and Genomicist, who works at the interface of mathematical and computational biology, genomics, and evolutionary biology with a focus on Single Cell Biology. He uses quantitative models, statistical analyses, and collect genome-scale data to ask questions about mechanisms of cell function and their evolution. A key technological expertise in his lab is single cell analysis, including RNA sequencing from single cells and bio-photonic techniques.

Junhyong holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from Stony Brook University.

Niels Lynge Agerbæk

Niels is Vice President of Research and Development Operations at Zymergen, a publicly traded biofacturing company headquartered in Emersyville, CA. Niels has extensive experience in leading biotech/pharmaceutical/medical device organizations in the USA, China, and Europe. He has served in managerial roles at Novo Nordisk, Xellia Pharmaceutical, and Zymergen, including as General Manager (USA), Head of Operation, Finished Product Director (China), Business Support Director responsible for Finance, Logistic, Sourcing and Planning, Director of Strategy & Project Execution, and Project Lead of a major new drug-delivering system.

Niels holds a Masters of Science degree in Engineering/Industrial Management from Aalborg University and completed Executive Education in Leadership and Strategy in Pharma and Biotech at Harvard Business School.

Bo Porse

Bo Porse is a Professor in Molecular Oncology and the director at the Finsen Laboratory at the Copenhagen University Hospital – Rigshospitalet in Denmark. Bo is a molecular biologist, stem cell scientist and an expert in normal and malignant hematopoiesis. His research is centered on understanding how stem cell behavior shapes the properties of our blood system during steady state and in disease, with the specific aim of identifying novel way to treat aggressive blood cancers. For this he uses the wide arsenal of methodologies available in the field of experimental hematology including long-term culturing of primary hematopoietic and leukemic stem cells, CRISPR editing of primary cells as well as advanced models of human pre-malignant and malignant conditions. Technology-wise his lab has strong expertise in single cell technologies and has invested heavily in the development of the emerging field of single cell proteomics.
Bo holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Copenhagen

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