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High quality iPSC-derived human cells for drug discovery and cell-based therapies

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TrailBio™ Endothelial Cell Kit

Our Trailbio™ iPSC-derived Endothelial Cell Kit offers a reliable solution for advancing vascular biology research, drug testing on endothelial cells, and angiogenesis studies.

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TrailBio™ Pre-Myelinating Oligodendrocytes Kit

Our Trailbio™ Pre-Myelinating Oligodendrocyte Kit provides iPSC-derived oligodendrocyte precursor cells and newly differentiated oligodendrocytes, suitable for numerous applications, including studying functional myelination, leukodystrophy drug discovery, and human disease modeling.

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Powered by HD-DoE™

Pioneering Precision in Cellular Differentiation

Trailhead Biosystems utilizes the High-Dimensional Design of Experiments (HD-DoE) platform to revolutionize cellular research. This advanced method allows us to efficiently explore and optimize cell growth and differentiation processes. By analyzing multiple variables together, HD-DoE accelerates our development of precise cellular therapies and products. It’s a cornerstone of our approach to advancing regenerative medicine and personalized healthcare, enabling us to make significant breakthroughs in biotechnology.

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